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For those choosing to watch from home during this time,

we want to make it easy for you to create an environment of

community & worship wherever you are!



Gather materials & resources

  • Use proper technology for streaming the weekend worship service.  

Internet speed should be at least 5mbps HD or 3mbps SD quality.

 Stream on the largest device in your home. 

If you're having trouble with your connection,

try refreshing your page.

  • Find the Sermon Notes on the church app.

  • Don't have the app yet? Click here to download it!

  • "LIKE" our Church Facebook page  

  • Join us for the 10 am service!​  

    • NOTE: Live stream will begin at 9:50 AM with info slides.​


Create the environment

  • Eliminate distractions
    Turn off other devices and include the whole family!

  • Set the tone.
    Gather your crew together to pray before the service begins. If you live by yourself, set time in advance to spend with the Lord.



  • Prayer

Spend time praying for one another; your family and friends.

  • Give

Your faithfulness is giving impacts not only our church family, but our community and the world. Click here to give.

  • Keep in touch

Share with one of the pastors how the message has changed your life. You can email us by clicking here.

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